Living Free From Victim Mentality

“The problem that we have with a victim mentality is we forget to see the blessings of the day. Because of this, our spirit is poisoned instead of nourished.” 

Steve Maraboli

Traumatic experiences, such as abuse and violence, leave their mark and settle into the body and psyche. Nevertheless, you can liberate yourself from your past. Just because you experienced victimization years ago does not mean you need to continue living with victim mentality today.

Surviving mental, emotional, and physical trauma can be heartbreaking; yet it also builds strength if you choose to strengthen yourself through healing. I’ve heard stories of atrocious and catastrophic displays of cruelty and pain by psychopaths. People who intentionally damage others, deny their own feelings, adopt perspectives that support their own biased views of reality, and project their own anger and rage onto others. No wonder, then, so many of us have fallen victim to others’ unresolved issues. Because abuse and victimization run rife in modern society, many people feel justified in clinging to their victim mentality. 

Stepping out of victim mentality is no easy task. First of all, most people loathe to admit they live as victims. Doing so requires an honest review on how they chose to live, and it can feel overwhelming to take responsibility for the perspectives they’ve embraced that have shaped their lives. Our perspectives inform the choices we make every day. Some of those choices bring happiness, and others . . . not so much. Regardless, we are still personally responsible for our reactions and responses. Second, survivors of abuse typically seek out healing through therapists, healers, and other professionals. This requires trusting the person they choose to share their stories with, and sitting with the emotional pain of re-living the experiences through cognitive therapy, somatic healing bodywork (including metaphysical colonics), and many other healing modalities. Finally, the process of healing body, mind, and soul takes time—a challenging proposition in a world obsessed with instant gratification. Healing on all levels of our being requires patience, self-compassion, and time. Honoring this truth reveals the beauty of true healing. 

Admitting the truth of who we currently believe we are is essential for embracing who we truly are. This honesty will allow the discomfort of some feelings to surface, and we might be tempted to push them away. Some prefer denial and distraction (rather than feeling their feelings) through alcohol, recreational drugs, over-exercising, comfort foods, and co-dependent relationships. We might have participated in such distractions as young adults, but as we age, something within whispers “there must be something more.” We realize distractions merely mask the pain; deep down, however, we know self-medication yields diminishing returns. We need to take more and more to keep the emotional pain at bay. This moment of clarity encourages us to choose a different path. 

If reading about victim mentality touched a nerve in you and you are ready to shift this self-defeating mentality to choose a stronger life path, please allow me to guide you and remember this:

Only you know your truth—speak it, stand for it, and live it!

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Stephanie Kato
Stephanie Kato
Metaphysical Intuitive Healer

About the instructor

            Stephanie Kato is an intuitive healer offering metaphysical colonics, bio electric lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy. She feels blessed to have worked at many different colon hydrotherapy clinics over the years, including The Allred Technique with Connie Allred (the woman who founded the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy and was instrumental in making colonics what they are today).

            As a practicing therapist since 1996, Stephanie created a style of healing combining metaphysics and cleansing. As a result, Iyasu (which means “to heal” in Japanese) was born. Should a client wish to engage in a Metaphysical Colonic, Stephanie encourages him/her to share emotional experiences of stress and disharmony in their lives as they physically release. As they do, an amazing thing happens - the client feels relief (emotionally and physically) and they start to connect how their physical body holds onto emotional, mental and spiritual issues in a way that may be creating dysfunction and illness within them.

           It is this unique combination that inspired Stephanie to create an online school where clients can learn different self-healing lessons at their own pace. 

            Stephanie recognizes true healing can only come from the individual, and works with clients by showing them how to shift their mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives with the intention of healing their body, mind and soul.

            Stephanie considers it a great honor to serve each client and believes that what occurs in the healing rooms of Iyasu is very deep and sacred work.

Stephanie has written two books that will be available soon:

Embracing Love by Letting Go: A Metaphysical Cleanse

Embracing Life by Letting Go: A Guide for Therapists

I have great compassion for survivors of trauma and emotional pain. Although I understand where victim mentality originates, living this way does not strengthen, empower or aid us in anyway. It only serves to keep us stuck in a cycle of unworthiness, unlovableness and more emotional pain. Your birthright is to live free and joyfully. Embrace the life you deserve by choosing a differnt way!

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